World Premiere

Narrow weaving – does anyone know what that is? 

Narrow weaving is a very technical subject, so technical that very few people will know what it is! 

You will ask me: what is going on with you? 

You will say: You will excuse me, but this is not a topic to bring here! 

I’ll say: You’re right, but I’ve always heard, repeatedly, that we should write (do) about what we like; make work a pleasure, and if so we will never work in life! Right? 

Really narrow weaving has been my passion for the last 30 years or so; well, I wouldn’t say passion, it started as a profession that year after year was ingrained into my person!
It is a profession with lots of creativity and diversity. Now, after all these years, most of the time, I say that I genuinely like what I do! And is that true? Of course it is! Well, at least it was until very recently! 

So let me tell you my story! I promise to be brief, because I don’t want to “lose” you right at my debut! 

I am a boy with some life experience, there are already 62 years of experience, who has always tried to live according to the rules of good family education and according to the best canons of Portuguese society of the 60s of the twentieth century. Maybe because I’ve always been a well-behaved guy and never got into trouble, of whatever kind it was! My family was simple, hardworking and we always stuck our noses into our lives and little else! 

It is essential to state here, for the good clarification of my readers, that my father already had the pet of private initiative, and at the time I would have been about 3 years old, he set up his own business. Can you imagine what that business would be? 

Guessed! In fact, it was a micro-family enterprise in the textile sector, producing cord and fabrics, which were used to make bags and shoes. This was not yet the narrow weaving; it was a little wider! 

Does my passion come from those times? There is no experience that does not produce its effects, good or bad! I believe so, that is where the beginning of what would become my first passion comes from! 

Life continued, with a lot of work from the family, the only workers of the said company, with the conviction and dynamism of my father, committed to carry forward his social and economic adventure. 

I recognize, after all these years, that the step taken by my father in favor of family independence, in relation to what was normal at the time: getting a job from 8 to 5, turning our lives into a routine with no return, living from salary to salary. 

I give him this great merit, despite the fact that so many times the family, my mother, my brother and myself, have revolted and argued for the fatigue that he has imposed on our lives. 

When I now walk on the streets, at the time of leaving jobs and I see all these people at the bus stops waiting, like zombies, for their transport home, doing exactly what society expects of them! Good behavior, orderly and disciplined, with good consumerist instincts, all for the sake of the development of our well-assembled society. 

I think about this as I go back to my childhood and remember that it was my father who was right; our family has always been different, in their purchases, in their saving habits, in their work habits to achieve the best way to live in society without depending on an external boss! 

Have I been exploited? Yes, I think so, but now looking back, I see that my father had the vision that is often lacking in ordinary mortals: the vision of the greater good, even though the path has its ups and downs! Sacrifices we all have to go through! When we do them, knowing that they will return to ourselves, we find them easier to bear! Unless we were born in a cradle of gold; but even then I’m sure even those have handicaps that I would never want to have! 

You will have noticed for sure that I am deviating a little from the central theme that I first announced, but in fact I consider that it has everything to do with it! 

Would I be the same if I hadn’t gone through these life experiences? 

Would I be the same if I hadn’t experienced the fact that I was a self-employed student? 

I have to confess here and now something that will run against me! 

I confess that at this point in my life and after so many turns, I am a worker, doing my shit job from 8 to 5, experiencing this life of half a zombie, from paycheck to paycheck, but with a revolt and/or disillusionment so great, that I am committed to firing my boss! 

One of my passions is reading and writing, although I never developed it! You know how it is: we are continually postponing that which may give us meaning to life! Now enough! I am determined to follow this path! It is a promise made and fulfilled right now: as I titled this text: World Premiere! 

I will not choose to address the usual topics of personal development, how to make money using the tools at our disposal, which you know well, to give advice to people much younger than me in the use of these possibilities. 

Someone says to me: but that is what is happening today! 

Yes, I agree! But I will choose to talk about my experience, my thoughts and my inspirations! 

I want to think that someone will take advantage of these phrases and thoughts of mine to be inspired too, maybe rethink their life too! We are always in time to change; it is never too late! 

I will return to your contact again soon! 

Meanwhile, please enjoy life! 

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